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About Us

Harvest Festival History

The Arvada Harvest Festival has been a community tradition since 1925. The first Festival was held on October 17, 1925 and was created to commemorate the first paved road from Denver to Arvada (Grandview Ave). There was a bad snowstorm the Friday before that first Festival. The Governor, Mayor of Denver and the County Commissioners did not make it because of the weather. The milkmaids and the other townsfolk shoveled off the area for the celebration to take place. The dates were picked to accommodate the harvest of our “what was then” a primarily farming community.

About 1929 the date was changed to this earlier date because of winter weather considerations. There we’re only three years the Festival was not held. Once during the depression, once during World War II and due to a polio scare.

The Arvada Chamber of Commerce ran the Festival until the mid 1950’s-60’s then involved the Arvada Jaycees. In 1966 the Jaycees pretty much took over the event in and in 1971 was the last year the Chamber was a sponsor host. The event is still an Arvada Junior Chamber function although more citizens have been involved and running events in recent years. 


About the Parade

"Putting together a parade is like making a movie, there are a bunch of short clips. Our goal is to take every child sitting on that curb to a different world every 15 seconds. Once we have done this, the adults follow simply by looking at the faces of the children."     - Cody McNutt, Executive Director 2009

The Arvada Harvest Festival Parade now holds the distinction of ranking as the second longest continuing volunteer event in the State of Colorado. We offer 12 announcing stations and a Main Grandstand. Parades usually have 0-3 marching bands. The parade committee invites over 20 marching bands from around the State. This year we expect 6 Marching Bands and numerous school entries in the parade.

Some of the main reasons for this success include, the large number of bands, Elementary, Junior High, and High School groups, organizations, service clubs, volunteers and business sponsorships that pull together to “do whatever it takes” to insure its success.

Arvada Harvest Festival is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity

5640 Yukon St.  Arvada, CO  80002

303-335-0775 - Office  

































































































































































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