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2016 Vendors

17 BOOTH SPACES ARE STILL AVAILABLE -         online form below



Check-in stations for

booths on Upham open Friday Sept 9 at noon


booths on Grandview open Friday Sept 9 at 2:00 pm


New set up includes moving your supplies and equitment to your booth spot before setting up and moving your vehicle off the midway to our vendor parking section at Lowe's Home Improvement parking lot

Golf carts are available throughout the three days for assistance to and from the midway.




Pay Booth Space Here

Welcome Festival Vendors for 2016

Thank you for your interest in the 91st Annual Arvada Harvest Festival

17 Booth spaces still available - fill out the on line form above and click on the donate here button to make payment


For questions please contact Carl Campanella


or email us at

** Note - Booth applications and payment must be completed in full to be processed. on line Date stamp will be utilized for duplication of booths or conflicts.

2016 Arvada Harvest Festival Booth Vendor Rules & Regulations


September 9, 10, & 11 2016

Rules and Regulations for Booth Operations:

1.  Each operator must return the following items:

                a. A completed and signed application

                b. A payment in the amount of the booth rental fee

                c. A $75.00 payment for the refundable trash deposit

                MAIL PAYMENT AND FORM TO:  

Arvada Harvest Festival Booth Space   

6763 W. 79th Ave.

Arvada, CO   80003

 Return all items by FRIDAY AUGUST 26, 2016, any application after this date may be subject to the $100 surcharge.  Incomplete or unsigned forms will be returned and no refunds will be made after September 5, 2016.


 2.  Each operator will be assigned a location and space number(s). Operators are responsible for designing and supplying their own booths as this agreement applies to rental space only. Numbers and space size will be marked by 5 p.m. on Monday, September 5th. Any operator whose booth exceeds the assigned space will be asked to either modify the booth so that it fits into its assigned space or relocate it if modifications are not possible, so please measure your booth carefully and include walkways or overhangs if necessary for your operation. NO OVER SIZE BOOTHS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


 3.  All operators will be notified by e-mail of application acceptance as applications and funding is verified. Booth space assignment will be sent by e-mail on September 6th  2016, so please notify the Booth Space Chairman at if you do not receive notification by this date.  Dissatisfaction with a space assignment is not considered grounds for a refund.


 4.  Each operator may bring one vehicle on the grounds for set-up. All vehicles must be removed from the grounds ½ hour prior to the opening of the festival.  Any vehicle towed from the festival site will be at the owners expense. Check in and Check out station details, vendor parking, and onsite contacts will be sent with booth space information. NO VEHICLES on the midway without permission.


 5.  All booths must be set up before Friday, September 9th at 5 p.m.  Reserved space may be released and filled if not checked in by then, with no refund due.


 6.  NOTE: ALL FOOD BOOTHS MUST CONTAIN A 10 LB. BC OR ABC FIRE EXTINGUISHER.  See Fire Department handout**      


All extinguishers shall be FULLY CHARGED and have a current inspection tag and unbroken seal. All food booths are required to supply their own fire extinguisher.  All canopies, canvas, tarps, plastic or rainproof  materials must be FIRE RETARDANT APPROVED. Electrical and fire inspections will be made on September 9th  prior to opening.  Any questions, please contact the Arvada Fire Marshal’s Office at (303) 425-0905.


 7.  No exclusive sales rights or guarantees on location will be granted.  The Festival Committee reserves the right to restrict exhibitors with respect to methods of operation and display of materials.  ENTERTAINMENT OR MUSIC shall be confined to inside the booth and Festival and/or Booth Space Chairman reserves the right to close any booth without refund if they determine the booth interrupts adjoining booths or the Festival in general. If, for any reason, an exhibit or its contents is deemed objectionable by the Festival Committee, the exhibit will be removed from the grounds without refund. Decision of the Festival Committee, Festival Chairman, or the Booth Space Chairman is final.


 8.  Minimal security is provided during and after Festival hours with the Arvada Police patrolling the grounds and surrounding areas, however, the Arvada Harvest Festival Committee or its agents will not be responsible for damage, theft or loss to exhibitor property. We will have an on site contact available.


 9.  Hours of operation are as follows:

Friday         September 9th      5 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. - setup Friday (street closes to traffic at noon Friday).

Saturday     September 10th    10 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.

Sunday       September 11th    11 a.m.  -  7:00 p.m.

All booths must be opened at the designated hours of the Festival.  Booths cannot be dismantled until the close of the Festival or with permission of the Booth Space Chairman.  If you close early you will not be invited back.


 10.  Operators may be banned from this and future Festivals if:  A. Booths are not removed and space cleaned before 9 p.m. Sunday, September 11th;  B. The operator buys a booth for resale;  C. The operator misrepresents the category their booth falls under;  D. The operator misrepresents or changes the items sold without the Booth Space Chairmans approval;  E. The operator or authorized members conduct is detrimental to the best interests of the Festival;  F.  The operator violates any of the rules or regulations of the Festival.


 11.  All booths must be freestanding, no stakes or guidelines unless pre-approved in writing by the Booth Space Chairman on or before Friday August 26, 2016. Any booths over 200 sq ft must apply through the city of Arvada for a special permit.




 12.  A $75 refundable trash deposit is included in the registration fee. All operators will be responsible for keeping their area free of trash. Trash must be emptied daily into the large vendor dumpsters (not the small containers for the public use) and booths cleaned nightly. Any excess trash will be grounds for a clean-up charge with loss of trash deposit.


 13.  No illegal, dangerous, or messy merchandise may be sold, i.e. no knives or silly string, etc. Please e-mail us at if you have questions.


 14.  Booths will be supplied with 200 watts of 120 volt power during Festival Operating Hours ONLY, at no additional charge. (No overnight electricity) Operators must supply their own extension cord hookups which can require 100 feet of either S.O. or S.J.O. #12/3 three prong plug/receptacle. Operators will not be allowed to bring generators to the Festival without written permission of the festival prior to Friday August 26, 2016.  Additional watts are available for an additional fee, see application. No plugging into any peripheral businesses or buildings. No hardwire 220 volt available.


 15.  Lighting must be FLOURESCENT TYPE ONLY, including compact fluorescent and limited to a cumulative total of 200 watts.


 16.  Food concessions must comply with all current health standards, state, county, and local laws. (Call Jefferson County Health at (303) 232-6301 for food service permits). Food booths will be permitted to serve only the foods listed on the Booth Application form. Food service permits must be available on request by Jefferson County Health Department.  Ice will be available in 20 LB. bags from the Harvest Festival Committee at the Jaycee Beer Garden for $4.00 a bag. Please let us know if you would like to be on our ice vendor list and we can deliver to your booth.


 17.  All raffles and games of chance must comply with state and local laws and regulations. Contact the Arvada Police Department to verify that your game is legal.  Bingo and Raffles are games of chance that require a State License from the Colorado Secretary of State Licensing Division.


 18.  All operators are responsible for the collection of sales tax to the City of Arvada (Click Here) and the State of Colorado (Click Here).  Please contact the City of Arvada, (720) 898-7105 for details.


 19.  Operators cannot sell or give their space to another operator without Booth Space Chairmans approval.


 20.  Operators and authorized members cannot leave their assigned space to solicit or distribute information or products on the Midway. Walking exhibitors are not allowed on the grounds without written approval of Booth Space Chairman.  The Festival Committee reserves the right to remove any other persons who are collecting funds, selling items, distributing free materials, or petitioning for causes without written permission from the Booth Space Chairman.


 21.  Operators guarantee that all information provided in the application for booth space is true and correct.


 22.  Operators agree that the ARVADA HARVEST FESTIVAL COMMITTEE or its agents may revoke all of the booth space rights of the booth operator without refund of any application fees upon violation of the rules set forth.


 23.  Operators, their agents and authorized personnel agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Arvada Harvest Festival, its committee, officers, agents and representatives (referred to as the Arvada Harvest Festival et al), the owner of the area in which the festival will be held, and the owners of the Festival related property for any action relating to the Arvada Harvest Festival, including theft, damage or injury. Operators agree to pay any reasonable attorney fees and cost incurred to the Arvada Harvest Festival et al as a result of actions by operators which are covered by this agreement.


 24.  Grease – No grease is to be placed in the regular dumpsters per the Jefferson County Health Department. All vendors who have grease or ground debris are required to have ground cover per the City of Arvada and the Arvada Fire Department.

** If any grease is left behind the Trash Fee is automatically forfeited, a clean up fee may be implemented, and the booth applicant will not be asked to return the next year.

 25. **** All information in this form shall be deemed Proprietary Information and shall mean that information of any form or characteristic designated by the Arvada Junior Chamber Foundation, Inc., verbally or by writing, will be proprietary and/or confidential. Under this agreement the Proprietary Information shall be and remain the property of the Arvada Junior Chamber Foundation, Inc. 

 26. Operators concur that they have read and understand the rules and regulations outlined herein and, it is agreed that these rules are part of this contract and no other agreements whether verbal or written, implied or expressed, shall be binding upon the parties unless in writing and signed by the Chairman of the Arvada Harvest Festival and/or the Booth Space Chairman.

© Copyright 2016 Arvada Junior Chamber Foundation, Inc.